Why Exhibit?

Are you a Manufacturer, Trader, Marketer or a Service Provider looking for an opportunity to promote your product & services worldwide? Well, then you are in the right place. Browse through to understand how ‘iSmartExpos’ can help you grow your business and reach.

virtual expo is the future

What Is Virtual Expo?

Virtual Expo is a real time event of any trade fair or exhibition where exhibitors and visitors meet on a space that is virtual/digital.

After a successful registration, the exhibitor gets access to their dashboard, choose their booth designs and display their product through a digital medium such as digital banners, videos, images, brochures, a website on their virtual booth space, etc.

Exhibitors can also communicate and operate in activities like an exchange of business cards, live chat, schedule meetings and track audience activities in real-time to measure their success metrics.

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Why Exhibit at iSmartExpos?

The recent trends of the Virtual Exhibition industry, have shown tremendous growth from the past years. The metamorphosis of advanced technology has given Virtual Exhibitions the command to lower your costs dramatically, increase your brand awareness and reach globally, resulting in more enhanced ROI.​
Hassle Free Virtual Setup
Cost Effective
Enhanced ROI
Reach Global Audience
Generate quality Leads
Measure Success Rate
Effective Branding
Aggressive Promotions
Flexibility & Accessibility

How it works?

exhibit your product & service right from your work desk


Register as an exhibitor

Click on the button “Book Your Spot” and register yourself as an Exhibitor by filling out the form. You may also choose to sign up as a premium exhibitor for additional benefits. Contact us to know more about premium subscription.

Design interface of your virtual booth

Make sure to set a clear objective for the virtual event. Post-registration, our team will connect with you and set up your custom booth that meets your product’s promotional requirements.



Submit content and prepare for the event

Now that you have a set objective and the booth design ready, strategize your content to convey, and promote your product/service by providing us with relevant visuals for the brochure, banner, and video.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that the content is rich in information and is interactive. 

Nominate one person to attend audience inquiries

It is time that you designate 1 person who can handle all the customer inquiries and respond to live chats while engaging and making it an interactive experience for the audience.



Welcome, Engage and Assist the visitors

On the event days, visitors interested in your products and looking out for a relevant solution will connect with your virtual booth. Guide them, describe your product/service, exchange business cards, and schedule meetings with the help of meeting scheduler to make sure that no prospect is left unattended.

Follow-up, analyse and track prospects

Dashboard access in the portal, will not just enable you to publish content but, also provide you with a broad range of analytical live data to understand the behaviour and the requirements of your attendees and help you follow-up with your prospects to close a deal of business without any hassle.



Generate, download live reports & backup

Your dashboard and virtual briefcase are fully dynamic that allows you to download all the reports which were generated real-time on the event days. You can take a backup of all the reports post event for a limited time and continue to follow-up with your ideal customers who had shown interest and found your product/service fascinating.

Booth Designs

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