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Are you a visitor looking for business growth opportunities or a budding entrepreneur thinking of a new business idea? Well, you are in the right place. Scroll through to see how virtual exhibition can favour you and how it works.

virtual expo is the future

What is virtual expo?

This is a virtual real-time event that will connect visitors and exhibitors from various parts of the country, Post-registration visitors get access to the lobby, exhibit hall & auditorium, which can be accessed at any point of time, and perform activities like an exchange of business cards, perform a live chat with the exhibitor, schedule meetings and access to a virtual briefcase that can store all the data gathered from the event.

power-packed advantages

Why Visit virtual expo ?

Zero Travel Cost
Visit At Your Convenience
Meet International Exhibitors
Explore New Market
Build A Quality Network
Find Growth Opportunities
Access From Anywhere
Go Green - Eco Friendly

How it works?

MEET EXPERTS from all over the world


Pre-Register for the event

Click on the button “Book Your Spot” and pre-register yourself as a visitor by filling out the form. 

Pro-Tip: Use just one Login Credentials for all iSmartExpos virtual exhibitions.

Login on event days

On event days, login directly to access the venue, multiple exhibition halls, lobby (view premium exhibitors), exhibit hall (explore exhibitors products & services) & auditorium (watch the recorded presentation).



Visit and explore

On the day of the event, log in using the given credentials and explore all the products and services category in the exhibit hall. Visit the booths that match your interests and check out exhibitor’s videos, brochures, and other media to know more about the product or service. You can also access premium exhibitor’s booth, directly from the lobby for ease of access.

Connect and close a deal

Once you are satisfied with the product, you can exchange business cards, and save product-related media to your dashboard. You can also initiate a 1:1 chat or schedule a meeting for later with the exhibitor, using the feature “meeting scheduler”. conclude the business with your feedback.



Dashboard - Virtual Briefcase

Visitors will be provided with a 24×7 access to a dynamic dashboard (a virtual briefcase) that will contain complete data of users activity such as stalls visited, connections established, inquiries/ answers, and chat history. The user data is fully controllable which can be viewed, emailed and can be deleted by the visitor.

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