COMPACK Exhibitions is an international platform for packaging machinery, material & system manufacturers, showcasing their products and services to potential customers from all over the world. The exhibition has been held in various African and South East Asian countries for over 10 years, with a focus on Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia & South Africa in the African Continent and Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam in South East Asian Countries. Soon, COMPACK will expand to Madagascar & Bangladesh.

The exhibition attracts exhibitors from various countries, including manufacturers of raw materials, machinery and equipment suppliers, processors, and suppliers of finished products. It provides an opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers in the packaging industry to showcase their latest technologies and innovations.

COMPACK Exhibitions contributes to the growth and development of the packaging industry in the region by inspiring local manufacturers to upgrade their production processes and adopt new technologies. This can help to improve the quality and competitiveness of local products and services, and to enhance the overall capacity of the industry. Join us at COMPACK Exhibitions to explore the latest packaging technologies and innovations and connect with potential customers from all over the world.


Exhibiting at COMPACK - Packaging Exhibitions in Africa and South East Asian countries can provide numerous benefits for exhibitors, local industries, and the economy. Here are the key benefits of exhibiting at COMPACK:

Access to New Markets

Participating in a COMPACK exhibition can provide international exhibitors with access to new markets that they may not have been able to reach otherwise. This can help to increase their sales and expand their customer base. Exhibiting at COMPACK can be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow their market share.

Supporting Local Manufacturing

Many packaging machinery, technology, and materials used in Africa and South East Asia are imported, so an exhibition like COMPACK can help to promote local manufacturing and processing of packaging materials, machinery, and technology. This can help to create jobs and stimulate economic growth, leading to long-term benefits for the local industry and economy.

Networking opportunities

Exhibiting at COMPACK can provide exhibitors with the opportunity to network with local businesses and industry professionals, which can lead to increased sales, new partnerships, and collaborations. This can be especially valuable for businesses looking to expand their operations in new markets and build relationships with local suppliers and customers.

Gaining Insights

Exhibiting at COMPACK can provide valuable insights into the local market, allowing exhibitors to better understand the needs and preferences of local customers. This can help them tailor their products and services accordingly, improving customer satisfaction and driving sales growth.


Exhibiting at COMPACK can be a cost-effective way to reach new markets without incurring expensive travel and research costs. By participating in COMPACK, exhibitors can showcase their products and services to a large audience, without the need for expensive market research or travel.

Showcasing Products and Services

Exhibiting at COMPACK provides a platform to showcase the latest technology and innovations in the packaging industry. This can inspire local businesses to adopt new and more efficient methods of production, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for attendees. Exhibitors can also increase their visibility and brand awareness to a larger audience, leading to potential sales growth and increased revenue opportunities.


Compack India


09 th - 11th Jun 2023


Compack Kenya


11 th - 13th Jul 2023


Compack Srilanka


25 th - 27th Aug 2023


Compack Ethiopia


29 th - 01st Oct 2023